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I am a gentle, warm hearted caring person who enjoys life, challenges. I am the type of guy who treats a girl with respect and honour. Lights the evening with candles and loves his cooking who at the same time makes sure his girl is happy and enjoying her time. I like movies and entertainment in general and having travelled around the world I have learned from different cultures. Being german and american a true mixed background I find that my living standard has improved though I am begining a new job in the new year. Having also been in the US Marines I have learned the honour and respect. Also I like the idea of reading, listening to all sorts of music, and cleaning but not a fanatic of it. I also love animals. I love sitting watching a movie at home and enjoy a glass of wine or two. I am a character who can be trusted who delivers and is not just full of words. I also work out a little.I am 5'9", short blonde/brown hair, muscular/athletic build, slightly tanned, especially the arms, green eyes, medium thickness of eyebrowse and long eyelashes.
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I am looking for somebody special who doesn’t mind the cuddles, hugs and kisses, enjoys occasional nights at home, watching a movie and having a few drinks. Who doesn’t mind being spoiled and who likes naughty times. Who doesn’t mind going shopping and the cinema. Also someone who like taking risks and going on day trips. Someone who also loves clothes and being surprised.