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Fairfield, United States
I am into the 27th year of my life. Some people say that i don't act my age (My response to this: What is my age supposed to be acting like?) Anyway I love to have quite weekends at home doing nothing but watching movies. When i'm not doing this i go out to have beers at my local, work on my car sometimes, go shopping (which is boring by yourself) I love going down to the south coast to see family but it has been hard of late as i lost my license :( But with any luck should have it back in April :) I quite like the gold coast and plan going up there at least 3 times a year but i have no one to go with and no one up there i know haha.
I have been told i have a soft side to me, but i don't think so, maybe i live in ignorance of this. I would like to think that i could listen to a friend/partner and that in doing so would have helped resolve any difficultys they were facing.

I think i am your average type of bloke, but eveyone is different. So there you have it :)
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I'm not that fussed that much about what kind of person i might meet in the future i'm pretty easy to plz. As long as they are honest, oh and a good listener/conversationist and just like to enjoy life for what it is then i don't think i could ask for much more.