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Fairfield, United States
Well how do I describe myself?? Well i`m fun to be with, and a good friend to have (for the right people)... Can hold resonable conversation and willing to listen... Love me or hate me, I am me, and I will only change for the person who earns the right to have me the way they want... I enjoy travelling, movies, dvd, and especially music... Also a huge car audio fan, and well a car buff all over... I`m fairly straight acting, and know what its like to keep sexuality a secret from loved ones, so your safe with me...

Anyways :) now that that`s over, i`m single, I enjoy being single, but am not opposed to something more serious... I haven`t found anyone that I can relate to, enjoy the company of, and also find attractive (and i`m not meaning looks)... I`m sure someones out there, they just haven`t bothered to message me : )
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I enjoyed meeting new people and figuring out what they`re like inside. I find personality is the biggest interest, then there intelligence, round it off with a conversationalist, and you`ve found my perfect male... just don`t be electroencephalographically challenged - (braindead)...

If you`d like to know more, get in contact, i won`t bight... Email me , or one the chat lines (icq, msn and yahoo)... Thanks for reading anyway and good luck in your own search... Love Watta_Man....