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We are a very adventurous couple that are looking for people that are the same as us. We are very clean and believe highly in safe sex...its a must for us. we have had 3somes in our past relationships and only just had our first and it was mind blowing, so we wanna delve deeper into our wildest fantasies.

We are a very descrete couple that like our privacy, we come from a small town just out of Port and we would really like to know that there are people like us that understand our descrestion.

Female: I am very clean and well groom lady, I have had bi experiences in my past and love the experience. It was a huge part of my life on discovering my sexuality and now we have had some fun not so long ago i wanna go further into pleasing a woman. I see myself and my hubby does as well as a very gorgous woman that loves fashion and to go out of my way to impress or frock up so ladies be ready for me cause my lips will do some talking on urs hehehe. I love to please and i love to recieve as well but my ultimate is girls and there toys hehehe luv ya’s xxx

Male: I am a tall very muscular guy that loves to give more then recieve. I have had experience in my past as well so i know a fair bit about respect and alot about trust...I see it as a huge part of building any relationship if u dont have them well its not really a friendship. I like to delve deeper into pleasure of swinging by using toys and knowing that every one is in it together so why not everyone play then just the girls swing harder then us guys hehehe......well all i can say about myself for now is Im tall dark handsome hoping Im not sounding corny but i have a longer darker friend that even more handsome when everyone gets him going hehehe xxx

’ps we have a webcam and we are willing to varify to those that are interested in us so pls contact us cause we really are keen to meet the right girl!!!!!!!’
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We are looking for females and maybe the occasional male but of our picking not any of u guys that just think u can join the party ITS OUR PICKING GET IT SO SINGLE GUYS DONT WINK WE WILL WINK U!!!!!! Now thats off our shoulder we really wanna meet a female that likes all things not just one thing in a healthy sexual relationship...we wanna build something that can be ongoing and no one that has been arround town swinging too hard clean and respectable people. We would like this woman to have descrestion as well, its a must!!!! As we know for u girls, u have that already well here is hoping. Toys are fun and we wanna use our collection as well as urs for they always make the boat rock a little harder and get the girls a little wetter. We also wanna have the girls start the party out in true fashion take the lead i can just sit back and respect the view. Well we hope to find u if ur out there so let the fun begin xxx