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Cambridge, United States

hi...whatever i say about my self, u`ll c
me from ur point of view.

whatever u would share with me, u r sharing something for the life time! highly
interested into relation...i believe in monogamy..however, when it comes to long
terms, when u come exhausted from work and you want to talk to someone , u find
me there!

when u get down, u will always have my shoulder there for you!

i would love to wake up at morning to find my self in your arms then kiss u, and
laying down in our bed at night talking to you just right before i sleep & my
head over ur warm chest !

~ about me :- a Boyish Bottom gay guy,loyal,honest,easy going simple boy
with a sense of humor & a good heart..i'm Fun loving ,enjoys life & a good laugh
& seeing other people happy too..i'm helpfull & frank..
social,love parents & friends.. sensitive , good listner ,caring & i
talk alot.........((I didn`t mean that i`m 100% perfect like an angel as no one
is so loool )).

~ me externaly :- i`m / 175 cm / 72 kg / boyish look,average soft built
with some light body hair.

wish u all the best
Looking for
am seeking a TOP GENTLEMAN who's ready enough 4 stability & believes in monogamy ,a man with whom chemistry & physical attraction is mutual..the one who's educated, gentle, mature, easy going, caring, understanding, & with a good heart & machismo too.the man who gives : attention,affection,devotion & love....believes in the importance of : honesty, loyalty, trust , the good communication & conversation. someone who enjoys fun , life & a good laugh..a real true partner who remains in my life 4 good & bad,the one who i can treat ,love & respect as my equal. ..(..i'm not asking 4 a 100% perfect man 'coz no one is so..)...Am aware that LTR starts as Friendship & it takes time to grow & doesn't happen overnight....who said i was in rush??!!..let's get to know eachother & we'll c where time will lead us..Well,i'm not asking 4 too much!!.. i just know what i want.