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Fairfield, United States
Quite simply, I'm a quiet person who doesn't expect too much from others. I like to keep my life simple and hassle free and enjoy all the simple pleasures that life has to offer.....I do not welcome baggage into my world and I usually through out my own very quickly. Life is too short!!!

I like a read but not too often, I like conversation but also enjoy the quiet time. I love spending time with good people and embrace a good coffee with open arms. I indulge in great music and love to sing in the shower.
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Please, I will only ask once...that anyone who responds has at the very least...good personal hygeine. I dont want to see dirty ears, poorly maintained neck hair and certainly NOT!!! unsightly blemishes posing as third eyes. Boils staring at me or even white pimples gazing into my eyes have no business giving me the hairy eyeball.

Secondly, I'm not interested in anyone filling up their lungs with tar, nicotine or tobacco....so no smokers. I just dont want to be the carer when I'm 30.

Thirdly, I'm not looking for something casual. If you're inclined to stick your tongue down my neck within the first month...you may as well not respond.

Forthly, if you have made it this far...well, im shocked!!