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Cambridge, United States
Alternative /creative.

I like trees and nature, so I live here in the tropics.

As such, I have gone back to Uni. utilizing the tropics lifestyle theme.

I live in near Cairns (Queensland) and attend uni. Pt time.

I am artistic and on occasion can also display intelligence.

I play guitar, sing. etc.

I am pleasant and interesting and have a good heart and caring manner.

Although spirited on various issues, I am generally more your lay back,

passive type.

My journey is to do uni. in the tropics and interact with nice / fun people.

I am definitely a bit flirtatious and generally enjoy the company of others

(Libra) + {jung typology test:enfj}

I try to be fair -minded and mostly succeed. I am not all that prejudiced,

and maintain a friendly and positive outlook. Pschology lovers may want to

check out serotoninworld which is my other world
Looking for
My aim is to meet and interact with

nice people from a variety of

different settings who desire

intellectual stimulation, pleasure,

intimacy or friendship.

Free thinkers who wish to

embellish their lives through

the celebration of friendship related

fun, pleasure and enjoyment.