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Cambridge, United States
I'm a 20 yr old girl from the south suburbs. I'm an unique person that enjoys going to the movies, partying and drinking with friends, quiet get together. In all honesty I'm a lazy replier so if you don't catch my eye i wont reply or if i think we are probs not suited (to me or I'm not suited for you) i wont reply either. And don't send lame msgs with pick up lines...

I'm currently getting myself in shape because of my health. If you don't like women with some meat or that have some cushion for the pushing, stop reading now.
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I'm just looking around and seeing what all the fuss about but if i do get lucky on finding someone who i like, i would only consider a relationship not only sex.

I would ideally like someone who is around my age because i just don't get attracted to older guys.