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Houston, United States
Describe Myself...hmm lets see... mixed race european-asian, tell it like it is personality, love to go out and socialise, liberal minded, not easily offended, prefer intelligent conversations, multi-lingual, umm man its hard to describe myself.. consider myself worldy, travelled a fair bit, into other cultures...cant thing of anything else much at the moment, just ask me and i'll happily get back to ya.
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Someone outgoing, discreet, someone friendly but not a push over, hate push overs, someone with a lil attitude, independant, someone who has something smart to say, someone who likes to socialise, have fun, explore things...if u know what i mean, someone who is not easily offended, hate goodie good 2 shoes, not into uber political correctness, not into religion or anything like probably wont find that sorta guy hey..but its worth a try.