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United States
Im a mixed bag of tricks.. not just a black and white person.. but all shades of grey.. and thats not to say I cant be colourful.. thats where the crazy, mischevious side creeps in ;)

Im a curious person.. however, not intrusive.. as spontaneous as I can be, I like to plan my fun, so I have something to look forward to all the time... want to join me?

Feel free to send a flirt, you never know what might happen.. living a life of ’what if’s’ is a life less lived, no?

(Note: I will be in Brisbane until the 27th of December!)
Looking for
Hopefully someone like minded ;) a person with no hangups with themselves, enjoys having fun and doenst mind being a little cheekiness...

Somewhat experimental and uninhibited who has a willingness to take up a challenge! If you're all this, then I ask one question.. where in gods name have you been??? Look forward to hearing from you!

(Note: I will be in Brisbane until the 27th of December!)