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Cambridge, United States
I am a fun-loving person that can't get enough... lol. I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan... Go Eagles. True believer in the cliche, Live life to the fullest. It is too short and their are sooooo many people to meet. I am into all sorts of activities that relate to sports. I play softball, soccer, and I fish all the time. But most importantly, I love games in the sack. I hope you do too. Drop me a line.
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I want to meet someone who is full of life. Who wakes up and says today will be another GREAT day. Why else are we here??? I love all types of women. Big, small, medium... It truly doesn't matter. As long as you are free-spirited and enjoy the moment, then you and I will be compatable. Feel free to drop a line and maybe we can have some fun.