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Fairfield, United States
My name is Lyudmila.
I love walks at the moon. I very much like swimming.
I well prepare for food and very much I like it to do.
I very much love children.
It is very interesting to observe as they grow also
each day make new opening.

I think, that my life is boring also I very much would
want to find the man which
would love me, respected, and with which
I might to test even a few adventures.
In Russia I have not found such person.
To me and life I flies by 28 years past,
and I do not have neither the loved person, nor children.
And I very much would want it. Therefore I ask. Respond my love!!!
I wait for you!!!
Looking for
I would like to find the person which would love me and respected,
which loves children,
validly concerns to people and has sense of humour.
I do not know as still it is possible

to describe which person I would like to find,
ideal people do not happen.
When I meet such person I at once I shall understand it!!!
Write to me, I shall be very glad!!!