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Fairfield, United States
I am just looking for gay friends and possibly more. I am a country boy but a little out of place out here. I am smart, and have values and respect for myself. I respect other people and would value a friend or lover who is similar to myself. That is; healthy, smart, spiritual, down to earth, relatively masculine and comfortable with their sexuality.

The last person I fell in love with was not comfortable with their sexuality. As a result, my heart has been broken over and over again. What I valued about the relationship was that I would dream about this person, and I often had visions that were true. I always knew of things over long distance, that I could not have known. My soul was constantly tracing this person throughout my sleep.

The thing I loved about this person was that they were interested about these occurances and wanted to know as much as I could tell them.
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Cute gay guy with values and comfort with their sexuality. Somebody who is not too feminine (not that there is anything wrong with that). I just want someone who is ambitious in life. Say perhaps a mechanic, or in Uni, or even just floating through life with a decision to make. I am not that fond of going out, I am not too fussed with video games and I don't do drugs. I only drink occasionally, perhaps a red wine.