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Cambridge, United States
Look at me. Here I am. This is me. What you see is what you get. Please do not try to change me. Change comes when it is needed and within ones self, and never needs to be assisted. Kindness, tenderness, compassion, and love is that I seek. Until I find I shall only look. Love me, need me, care about me, but please do not try to use me. For even though my heart is tender and my desires are heated, and my demeanor is polite.

I am a model by profession and run a successful modeling agency too.
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I tend to look for the deeper meaning in my life's experiences and I'm not afraid of taking risks in achieving the goals I set for myself. I think a good partner in my life would be someone who could understand this passionate, ambitious nature about me and still be a lovingly supportive companion. In a relationship, what I look for is complementary companionship and deep mutual love and respect, not domination or control etc.