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Fairfield, United States
I like romance,write poetry and love the female orgasm.

I am looking for a women that would like to occasionly hook up and have a bit of fun,nothing serious but you never know what might happen;)

I like to go out with mates as much as I can,I spend most of my spare time at home chatting on MSN.
I get really bored and lonely and need a girl for occasional sex,dinner etc.
I am very sensetive,have dark brown eyes,brownish-orangish hair and am about 5'7.
I really like to give oral sex 'wink wink'
I am willing to do almost anything to achieve a girls sexual desire providing it doesnt include me having things inserted.
Looking for
All I am looking for is a nice women that is also looking for an occasional bit of fun.
I dont care about looks,but must have self respect and be well groomed:)
Girl must be ready for sex,but I dont want a girl who does every guy she sees,I do not want any risk of getting STDs.