Ultimate Sex Games For Women Looking to Enhance Sex Life

Once you have happy relationship you need to keep trying new things to maintain your tempo if you want to see those happy moments in upcoming days. Nowadays women looking to enhance their relationship and sex life with new experiments. You can always spice up your sex life with trying and adventuring new things in to routine one.

If you are women looking some ideas to augment your fascination with your man then here AdultFindOut are some Sex Games which you can play with your real man to take pleasure to another level.

Strip Pong
Try Strip Pong: You can have fun with strip pong in that you have to set your dining table just like a beer pong table, you should skip brew. Place 6 plastic cups in a triangular shape you obviously need some ping-pong balls. You both have to stand at the each end. After taking position give each other pass turns to throw a ball into the cups. Whenever one scores the opposite person has to strip one piece of cloth from own body. The person who gets all 6 balls first wins the game and can have any sexual favor of his-her choice.

women looking

Women Looking to Fascinate his Man through Innovative Ways

Deck of Cards
Assign each card suit a different naughty definition for example assign spades as smooch, hearts means a massage, diamonds will allow physical stimulation, and clubs will afford oral pleasure. Pick up cards turn by turn and give a treat to each according to naughty definition of cards. In addition to you can apply: the numbers of card will symbolize that how long you have perform that particular action to opposite person, so if you get 8 of hearts then he has to give rub over massage to you for so nine minutes or you can shorten time in to seconds. If he picks the two of diamonds then he can ask for hand job for two minutes. This will definitely going to bring excitement and fun out of your boring routine life.

Women Looking to Dominate Their Men Through Sex Game

Come Near, Go Far
In this interesting game you need to lie down on your bed naked and make stand your man at entrance to your bedroom. This game will allow you both person how well does he know you and will lend a chance to your man to know some new things about you. The teasing facet will oblige his lust. Now you need to ask some question about your self and if he answer correct then he can ahead one step towards you and if he fails to answer correct then he need to take one step back. Questions could be anything about you, for example ask him to name your dream vacation destination or to create excitement ask him your favorite sex position.


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