Speed Dating Online Game

Like other dating ideas free speed dating began offline and all the credit goes to Mr. Rabbi Yaacov Deyo because he was the creator of this method of dating. Speed dating also known as 8 minutes dating. This method was mainly used by Jewish people to find spouse.

In speed dating Jewish people gather at some place together and every single male and speed dating women have 7-8 minutes to give brief introduction about them to leave impact on other. This is the fun activity to do but not all who gathered get their companion at the end. But somewhere they help to make new friends and to increase their social network by this.

As the offline procedure the online dating services has also started speed dating site available for their member in which they can meet new people and can have chance to build up a relationship. The new members are being given 7 minutes to please other singles in the chat room. After that site will collect the response from others and if anyone shows interest in that person then he or she will be notified by dating site.

If not then they are taken to the next chat room. So many people don’t want to pay fees to these sites because nobody wants to pay fees for just 7 minutes to earn a chance of dating someone while at the same time they can chat unlimited time on free online dating sites.

The speed dating tradition of Jewish people became observable fact on wireless world where nobody have time to seek their partners in real world, as they spend most of the time at office and with the internet and all. The chances of being contacted to new people are less so in these cases this online speed dating site is playing a big role to boost people’s love life.

Speed dating helps not only marriage life it has been proved to provide various platforms to people like expanding social networks, making new business deal or even a business partner. People who are holding different background and beliefs are being together to expand their business, no better use of online dating services can be done by individuals and of course a purpose, bringing two loves birds together still exist.


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