Online Date Hookup

My best friend asked, “Can you connect me with a single man?” The simple question from my friend reminded me the past time we were in college. We were friends who attended the same school. We were in the same age group of dating men and grew up in the same area. We were best friends. I had a boyfriend in college, but she didn’t have at that time. So she asked me to hook her up with a single guy. I didn’t know any single male friend in the class to introduce to her. I felt sorry that I could not introduce a friend to her.

One Saturday night while sitting in front of the computer, I typed on Google search box, “hook me up”, there were a lot of free dating sites appeared. I clicked on a free online dating service and viewed many local singles in my area. I made a phone call to my girlfriend; she came over directly from her dormitory. We looked at this dating site and looked at many cute boys who lived not too far from us. When we tried to click on the contact button where we were leaded to the registration page.

She wrote some personal information about her, such as age, career, interests, hobbies, dreams, and others, on her profile. She sent a message to a couple of cute men who lived locally. After we spent about an hour online date, we turned off the computer. We forgot about this free dating service for a few days. Over the next three days she received three notifications in her mailbox from the dating site she went. This free dating site reported that she received a reply from the men that she contacted three days ago. She got three of them.

Every time a single person, who responded to her message, she got one. She came online immediately and opened her mailbox. She read them over carefully and responded to each. On the same day, two of these men responded to the message. Within a few days, she exchanged her phone number with them and started talking. She remained in contact with these three cute men. After about two weeks, she decided to meet face-to-face with a man she thought the cutest one.


I am grateful to you that you give time to my blogs. I am Amy Schonell. I am self-published author of the www.adultfindout.us site. Internet dating prefers fantasy to reality and anything for date. Spend hours talking to anyone who would join her favorite sites. I wants to make huge community for those people who are alone and make happy with her dating sites.

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