4 Swift Rules For Touching Hot Girls

Touching a woman causes her body to liberate a powerful sex hormone called Oxytocin. Here are 4 swift rules for touching hot girls to guarantee you can sense a girl without resistance! Oxytocin instantly sends a wave of testosterone through the hot girls body, giving her a jolt of sex drive, the same high sex drive a man senses. Oxytocin causes a female at AdultFindOut to sense a powerful bonding feeling with whoever is touching her.

If you desire a hot girls to get seduced, you’ve got to touch her. So here are rules for touching hot girl.

Rule #1. Touch Her Recklessly

A reckless male does what he desires devoid of permission. He exploits “making his move”, damn the consequences. When getting physical, don’t hang around for the girl’s endorsement.  Don’t stay for her to “like you” first. Don’t be a “polite guy” who feels like he wants to stay for the girl’s consent to be the alpha male.

Lead hot girl! Touch her right away, even if she isn’t 101% “ready”. Because the bad boy who is physical with no excuse is the man that wins the game. If you don’t mind, she won’t mind.

Rule #2: Be Un-reactive!

When touching hot girls, have an entire ignorance for the girl’s responses. You’re not looking for her consent, nor are you looking for a “superior reaction” from her. How she reacts, optimistic or unenthusiastic, doesn’t make a difference to you.  Her status does not influence your status.

Be Un-reactive To Hot Girls Likes And Dislikes

A reactive guy will touch hot girls once, and then become so anxious about whether the girl “liked it” or not, that he doesn’t touch her over! Instead, place by your touching with no excuse, no matter how she retorts to you.  In your actuality, touching is what you do with all girls, despite of their reactions, despite of the girls.

Memorize, seduction isn’t about “making hot girls like you”, or winning her consent.


Rule #3. Confidence in Your Actions

Confidence in your actions.  Confidence that each move you make is the correct move for that instant, because everything you do is cool! Your belief in taking daring moves and pushing the limits. You trust that everything you do is superior since it’s coming from such a cool chap.

Touch The Hot Girls No Permission Needed


Rule #4 Touch Her Right Away

Touch hot girls right away with a hug or a handshake, and gradually shoot up. If you stay in talk and do nothing but chat, the weirder it’s going to sense as time goes by, until the girl walks off. If you never touch her, you end up “amusing” her to keep the chat going until it expires.

And hot girls don’t like “nice acting guys” because it’s like you unexpectedly “changed personas” halfway through.

Instead, when you touch hot girls from the very starting, the more common the touching and the conversation are going to sense to her.

And one time a woman senses physical touch is there from the beginning, she will accept whatever you do, since girls deeply like touch!


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