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Woodbridge, United States
Am Jeni from baldwyn,ms usa so i will like to meet people online here as you can see my Photo uploaded on the site.....
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I'm quiet/introverted around people that I don't know. and i love every body Arround me Once I get to know them though I tend to open up more. I'm fairly solitary as most of my friends are in Nigeria Cause I School at West African Nigeria, although I know a couple of people in Perth who I hang out with.

I enjoy reading, and I'm trying to read books that increase my knowledge and understanding of the world rather than fiction at the moment. I often put this off in favour of other things (such as updating my profile on adultxdating.com.au).

Most of my time at home is spent on my computer. Chating and Playing Games (turn based strategies and RPGs mostly), reading forums (Something Awful) and watching movies.