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Houston, United States
My name is Shelly. Im currently a theatre student. I love [[dance]]. I love the following lol : [[ Sanfrancisco, kissing in the rain, pizza with mushrooms, horror movies, my chihuahuas chiquita, and anastasia, my family, my little sister who is adorable, flowers, the beach, food yummm, shopping, holllister, abercrombie and fitch, cheer, my ballet flats and skinny jeans, my bow clips, makeup!!!Im most definetly a lover not a fighter. Im very sweet until you piss me off then oh god i feel sorry you. I am always willing to give my heart to someone as long a they return it in one piece... which lately hasnt been the case...I love to be in a relationship i hate being alone lol who doesnt.. I find myself very amusing lol I also think im pretty amazing. I like all types of people and i give everyone a chance but i like respect and honesty its very important to me. i know theres more lol
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