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Houston, United States
I am a fun loving, caring, kind, honest woman... I am a single parent of two girls... I like walks on the beach and having someone give me romance... I like watching movies at home or at theatre cuddled up to someone I love... Candlelight dinners and dancing anywhere... Or even listen to music at home and have someone ask me to dance in the living room... I love pets... I do not like lies like lying about your name, what you look like and where you live, so please be truthful and honest about that.. I dont like starting a relationship on lies cause it will not work that way...
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I want someone to be able to love me and teach me new things... I am shy and sinsitive and want someone who would not mind me being that way... I also want him to be able to give me romance and walks on the beach and watch the sun set and the moonlight on the water... And someone who is honest about what they look like and where they live.