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Cambridge, United States
I'm a college student, laid-back and easygoing, willing to have a good time but maybe not in the way the majority of society views a good time. I suppose one could say I am a dreamer, always looking for answers to everything! I think laughter is the best medicine for any down moment, and I have been learning to cope with hardships in life. I'm a genuine person that is serious about life, but I love to laugh and tie a sense of humor together! I'm looking for someone to make me laugh. I don't think I'm too good for everyone. I'm not selfish or conceited like some girls are. I'm looking for someone who is honest even though some things may be embarrassing for him to say (I don't judge). I'm looking for someone poetically fashioned, someone who loves to philosophize, laugh, talk about his thoughts but is able to share comfortable silence as well. I'm not looking for someone who takes life too seriously.
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I would like to get the guy's feedback before creating the date. It could range from gazing at the stars from the outskirts of town, dinner and a movie, opera, visiting an art museum, meeting up at a cafe to talk, meeting at a park to walk, etc. Really, I have not been on enough dates to have a preference, but I'm up for nice surprises. I'm looking for that dream guy!