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Cambridge, United States
Hi i'm aine... just call me angel ok,. I'm looking for someone who loves to talk to me of course.. I'm an understanding person looking for love.. Well i'm a little bit shy but i know i can shake it off depending on the guy i'm into.. Of course i love sex, and i'm looking for those who is physically and mentally fit for sex, but, take note, that this doesn't mean that i want to hook up with all the guys out there... What i love about the guys is their softness, and then their hardness,, and then their softness... Get what i mean.. lol
I usually do chats because I find it very challenging. Imagine discussing matters to people all around the globe. Discrimination is one thing i hate the most.. I do chess and swimming, biking, I love watching basketball and a fan of the detroit pistons... I hate people especially man who are not sincere, can't understand and most of all narrow minded. Mind that I'm an understanding and a very patient person..I would love to chat and spent my time in front of my PC..Id rather be alone than get into a boring party ... I'd rather chat than smoke but this doesn't mean that i hate smokers ok!! I understand that all of us has its own strengths and weaknesses..I'd love to talk more, but i don't even know and not even sure if someone wants to talk to me here.. Do you find my profile worthy of your time?? If so, well i think you and I really have something in here.. Would you mind giving it a try?
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looking for a guy,a nice guy that will surely turn me on all the time.. I also fantasize about romance, gifts, and overly generous men...im not into looks, not into age, not into race, not into income.. im here to know as many people as i can,especially men..how i wish all people will be my friend. and i want all people to know who the real me..