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Male, Couple
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Cambridge, United States
"Don't be deceive, what you see is not always what it seems..." What kind of emotions i have behind my sweet smile?
here lies a pulchritudinous me,how i wish i could share to someone my beauty and talent but it seems that no one is
interested to see it and know me better. I endured this loneliness for a long time, it seems no one wants to be my

I like chocolates and candies, singing while dancing at the bathroom :-),fantasies,fairy tales. Can you give me
chocolates and candies that i can indulge? this will make me happy and i can trade my fairy tale stories,fantasies
with a bonus of my mysterious emotions.
Looking for
I hate people who are just browsing my profiles, i want those people who will indulge their voyeur and share my
mysterious and deepest "something".